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QOLSYS IQ Wireless Alarm System

  • The IQ Panel 2 includes LTE communication for faster speeds and future-proof connectivity. We combine this with Wi-Fi for amazing dual-path connectivity.
  • The IQ Panel 2 includes Wi-Fi and LTE radios that work together to create dual-path connectivity to the cloud.Kashmaria INC.

is a company that provides Alarm, Home Automation, Home Security Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, and indoor Cameras for one sensible price. Our portfolio of video surveillance is designed to reduce security risks by detecting and answering to events. Our universal CCTV, burglar alarm, access control automation, Ring Security, and visitor technologies can work in isolation or as part of an integrated solution.

  • The IQ Panel enables intuitive built-in control and automation for smart products. Such as thermostats, locks, lighting, and security, this new Qolsys Home Safety IQ panel will offer industry-leading reliability and stable connectivity.
  • Secondly, IQ Panel includes a Bluetooth radio that allows you to match up to five smartphones or tablets for Bluetooth Touchless Disarming. The IQ Panel 2 has both microphones and a quad-core processor and software that support both of these built-in glass break detectors. In addition, IQ Panel 2 includes Z-Wave Plusa special technology that allows you to use up to 128 home devices like lights, locks, indoor regulators, garage openers, and more.
  • The IQ Panel includes Wi-Fi and LTE radios that work together to create a dual-path association to the cloud. In conclusion, Qolsys Smart Home a leading security and smart building technology manufacturer is dedicated to providing hardware and software to enable the internet of things for security.


Basic steps to installing a Home Security Alarm System:

1. Install the wireless home security panel

Choose a place near your primary entry door and close to a power source to install the panel. Often, you’ll only need to hammer a small nail into the wall to “install” the panel. If you can’t put holes of any kind in the wall, you can use removable double-sided adhesive.

2. Place sensors and detectors throughout your home

Your system will include basic door sensors and window alarm sensors, and may include motion detectors. The sensors usually come with a peel and stick backing that holds them into place yet allows them to be moved as needed. Learn more about how to install entry sensors.

Use the guidelines provided with your home security system to place sensors in optimum locations, or follow our guide to effective motion sensor placement.

3. Test the security system

Follow the directions outlined in the security system owner’s manual to test the alarm system and make sure everything is working properly.

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