Carbon Monoxide Sensor( CO2 Detector)


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Carbon-monoxide sensor

A Carbon-monoxide sensor/detector or CO detector is a device that detects the presence of Carbon monoxide (CO) gas to prevent Carbon monoxide poisoning.

CO detectors are designed to measure CO levels over time and sound an alarm. With Dangerous levels of CO accumulate in an environment, giving people adequate warning to safely ventilate the Area or Evacuate.

NDIR CO2 sensors are also used for dissolved CO2 for applications such as beverage carbonation, pharmaceutical fermentation and CO2 sequestration applications. In this case they are mated to an ATR (attenuated total reflection) optic and measure the gas in situ. New developments include using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) IR sources to bring down the costs of this sensor and to create smaller devices (for example for use in air conditioning applications).[2]

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To prevent becoming a statistic of fire damage or even worse, death. We suggest checking the batteries and ensuring that your smoke and CO monitors.

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A silicon microchip, housed in a plastic shell, sends an electrical charge to a small detection chamber that contains a CO sensor. This sensor can detect and measure CO concentration in the atmosphere. If the sensor detects high levels of CO, the microchip will trigger an alarm.

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