Access control systems

Secure your premises, get real-time data of who is on-site and set rigorous access control rules so you will always know that only the right people are in the right places.

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Access Control System

Access control systems are electronic systems that provide automated security checkpoints within physical locations, such as doors and gates. By automating checkpoints, access control systems reduce the need for security personnel within an operation.

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Access control seamlessly mold to your organization's unique requirements and demands.

Why are Access Control System Important?

Access control increases security in your operation while also streamlining critical elements, such as compliance protocols, employee access, and visitor management.

Access for Residents via a
Mobile App.

Provide mobile app-based access as an amenity for residents.


Access Control System

User Authentication

Access control systems require users to authenticate themselves before granting access

Remote Access

Some systems allow for remote management and access, which is especially useful for controlling access


Access control systems should be scalable to accommodate the growth of an organization.


Access control systems require users to authenticate themselves before granting access

Integration with
Video Surveillance

Administrators can set time-based rules to control when users have access to a particular area or system.


Some advanced systems use bio-metric data for authentication, which is difficult to forge and offers a high level of security.

The Key Components of an
Access Control System

Access control systems have several key components
that help regulate your building and keep tabs on
people in real-time:

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